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Sims 3 Stakeout Not Working

Really, about the same amount of time she's been a failing musician. Hacking isn't something your Sim will get much better at, and the most you can earn with max logic is about $4-500 per hour. It was touching, but really it is all for the best. ideas?ReplyFlag117th July 2014 9:40pmIariley says...I hate this professionReplyFlag4127th January 2014 12:28pmBBehr says...My sim is supposed to study at the library, however, I've done it several times and it doesn't complete the check my blog

Is there a console function to fix this or am I SOL?ReplyFlag0010th October 2015 11:50amPage 1 of 1 Join In No new entries may be made. The poor battered gnome will soon be comfortable in the sun once again. I should ask [Sim 1] about potential suspects. These cases work like opportunities, where the Sim must talk to others and complete various tasks. http://www.carls-sims-4-guide.com/forum/index.php?topic=18446.0

I should analyze the saliva at the police station to see if it matches any known criminals. I'm unclear as to what it is about a yard ornament that can be prized, but I'm not paid as a designer. He suggested I speak to a few family members to see what they think of the current relationship. I don't like being a guinea pig, but I think I need to sample the food myself.

its useless for me too someone get me out of here Back to top This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. I should report in and explain the situation to [Sim 1]. Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Analyze Prints" at police station There are not one, but two sets of prints on this ring. I rely on cases and skilling up in logic to carry me through the profession.Also, since this is an Ambitions-specific question, I'm moving it to the Ambitions board.

Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Report to Police" at local Police Station The police were glad I told them about the car theft ring and they want me to give the signal Reward: Job Experience, ยง500, Increased Relationship With [Sim 1] The Case of the Hacked Off Client My client, [Sim 1], has heard through the grapevine that I'm a certified cyber-wiz. Nothing's going right for me. http://www.carls-sims-3-guide.com/careers/ambitions/privateinvestigator.php This will almost always result in being able to write a police report.

Eye candy, never dull, attractive, and observant are all helpful for befriending Sims, helpful when you need to do interviews. In order to advance in the Investigator profession, Sims must solve cases. Goal: "Discuss Graveside Problems" at the Mausoleum Urns and gravestones have been disappearing from the graveyard and the grave digger has no idea what's happening. I found a receipt for a bulk order of temporary tattoos.

Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Ask About Burglary" to [x] Sims Several locals saw a suspicious person creeping around the house. Lastly, The Athletic (sheer strength) or Disciplined (Martial Arts) traits can be helpful if you want to beat up Sims for information, rather than having to talk it out or bribe Logged Remember to read and heed the Forum Rules!Eight Cicadas (PM for Link) | The Chains of Lyra | Short/Misc. This house is full of common, harmful, but non-lethal chemicals.The client has set up [Sim 3] to fall in order to get a promotion!

I collected payment and bid adieu to this cyberspace double cross. click site Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Dust for Prints" at [Sim 1]'s Home Now this just keeps getting weirder. Very peculiar. Hopefully, everyone can put this llama brained stuff behind them.

Time to end this. Getting it upgraded to unbreakable is highly recommended. Every time I go there to stakeout, he says he does not see anything. news I should interview [Sim 1] to find out what's needed of me.

That beach is my ticket to a clue in this case. Reward: Job Experience Goal: Search [Sim 2]'s Garbage Can for Clues Well, I found the missing gnome, and it was hot to the touch. I mean I'm losing ALL the relationships my investigator made in the first place.

Enjoy Private Eye for what it is, and don't worry about the excessive requirements of the LTW.

It worked fine, until winter came and then I couldn't do anything related to the P.I profession. I should report back to [Sim 1]. Sims 3 seems like sims 2?? Reward: Job Experience Goal: Search [Sim 1]'s Garbage Can for Clues Jackpot!

The bistro is popular, which means everyone has been there. However, the prints look rather unique. [Sim 1] suggests I ask [x] Sims around town if they have seen these shoes. I should speak to [Sim 1] about who might be doing this wham-bang toe job. More about the author If the kid is willing to part with an allowance to pay me, oh well.

I think I'll pay [Sim 3] a mostly friendly visit. Those are the suggestions off the top of my head. Dust for Fingerprints and Look for CluesWith the fingerprint kit and magnifying glass, sometimes you'll need to go to a lot and dust or look for clues. They are always clear.

I should search through his mail first to see if there's any evidence of a ring purchase. Both of these are pretty simple. You'll get a uniform and the ability to seek out cases. I should meet with the client and ask a few questions to begin the investigation.

This is heart breaking. You can sometimes solve an entire case by using the map and clicking the investigator action buttons alone. Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Inspect Mail Box for Clues" 3 times All three mailboxes contained junk mail from the local bookstore. Reward: Job Experience Goal: "Return Flamingo" to [Sim 1] I returned the flamingo to [Sim 1] who was delighted to hear the flamingo was found at the art gallery. "How fitting,"

I tried resetting, I reinstalled, and i even had him quit his job and rejoin.