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Sims 3 Skin Slider Not Working

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We want people to come here and search for their answer first and if we answered questions privately, there would be no question archive.Q2: How can I contact EA Support?A:Here is This, then completed the life cycle from babies to elder... How can I do that?This tutorial by Club-Crimsyn is a wonderful guide to merging CC with S3PE and it should be very easy to follow.Alternatively, you can use a program like Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. http://modthesims.info/t/459154

I use only facial sliders, as messng with body sliders may distort the use of poses and animations and even normal interactions between sims. Skip links Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Bog BitbogbitThe Sims 3 Late Night, No New Sliders, Can't Adjust Skin Tone, nor Can I Choose Male or Female Sims- How I have changed an adult female face in Photoshop and saved it as .DDS.

Posted by Y at Monday, September 07, 2015 Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: Fix, The Sims 3 No comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Oh and I use the full set A&B 2.0, found a link here on MTS that takes you to her newest skin update for these, but it's too shinny for me. I apologize for the really LONG post. *EDIT* Here's an image showing what's wrong: first photo: EA skin at min muscle definition second photo: EA skin at max muscle definition third Yours may vary.

If everything works fine place them into the folder on your desktop you have the other files in that worked in the game. I couldn't even name my sim. Terms & conditions do not apply AllaraPheonix Test Subject #4 19thFeb2010 at 2:16AM Posts: 27 In the tutorial you say "You should use an existing ramp as a base so open I can attest to the fact that it works as advertised.

Since I have removed it, my basic CAS options have been restored. Posted Tweet About Sims FAQ Your Sims related questions answered.NOTE: We are not affiliated with EA games. I made a skintone, saved it in both dds format and png, but could not save it as a .tone file. Fallenindarkness Test Subject #11 7thMar2010 at 12:47AM Posts: 20 Hey can anybody make a tutorial for me about mixing n matching face and body skintones?

Started by Wiggywoowoo , 01 Nov 2016 PC 2 replies 116 views Wiggywoowoo 02 Nov 2016 The Sims 3 Discussions → The Sims 3 General Discussion → Looking to If you have black text in your 'thumbnail' png, the preview dot is picking up its color from a black spot in that image. Yours may vary. no thats what im saying - its not working i can only have the skintone that is there and the slider does not adjust the colour when i try to open

If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. http://tekconceptllc.com/sims-3/sims-3-skin-tones-not-working.php How can I get all my sliders to work?A:The game has a limit for how many sliders it can hold, so if you surpass this limit the default sliders will stop Kraahlix Test Subject #18 22ndMay2010 at 9:50PM Posts: 1 "When you save it as a DDS make sure you save as either DTX3 or DTX5 with Load Mipmaps checked." How do lavender Lab Assistant #10 21stOct2011 at 9:50AM Posts: 109 Use the mouse scroll Quote: Originally Posted by pixflix Only four of my non default skin's show up in the drop box.I

I tried to get rid of the sliders before, but the problem still exists. Jordan09 Forum Resident Original Poster #1 26thOct2011 at 6:17PM Last edited by Jordan09 : 26thOct2011 at 8:58PM. Bridgeport. http://tekconceptllc.com/sims-3/sims-3-weight-slider-not-working.php and its licensors.

Byte staff: moderator #8 19thFeb2010 at 6:08PM Posts: 4,707 Thanks: 39612 in 46 Posts 24 Achievements View My Journal Quote: Originally Posted by BasTyra Thanks for this Missy! Watermark template. Go back, make sure you've merged your layers, saved as DXT5/DXT3 and checked load mipmaps then reload and save, I guarantee I'll be showing fine when you go back in game.

That was my solution.

Whenever it works, every time I change clothes, hair, eyebrows, lipstick, eyeliner, face makeup, or blush, the tone vanishes. Register now. I have more stories to tell ... missy harries Forum Resident Original Poster #14 27thMar2010 at 11:54PM Posts: 746 Thanks: 6000 in 20 Posts 15 Achievements View My Journal Quote: Originally Posted by sleepalldaypartyallnight I'm trying to make

and its licensors. It also takes a look at the different file types used in skintones and as a bonus (for 100% beginners) it'll give you advice on how to edit the slider colours Interesting you should say that. http://tekconceptllc.com/sims-3/sims-3-skin-mods-not-working.php You have to remove it and all of your non-defaults. 0 Angel_02124 Posts: 9 October 2010 edited October 2010 Hey, I had the same issue but I fixed it.

this will make the number of allowed facial sliders three times bigger than normal. Are you still having trouble with the overlay? On the other hand, is it possible that some furnitures are the actual cause of the problem? I removed it and everything seems to be ok now.

I then open Skinninator, type in a new name and browse to the dds and png files, but the make package button is still greyed out. They show up in-game perfectly fine, but it just has this problem with the muscle definition slider.