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Sims 2 Categorizer Not Working

Another helpful hint for me would be: where should I keep the categorizer? I used Sims Categorizer all the time and can't wait to get it up and running again! Logged Print Pages: [1] Go Up « previous next » Simbology » Sims 2 Support & Chat » General Sims 2 Help and Support » SimPE - Categorize SMF 2.0.11 I already started moving things into the proper catagories. http://tekconceptllc.com/sims-2/sims-2-exchange-sims-not-working.php

This post has been edited by irisheyz on Mar 21 2007, 11:48 AM psychofaerie2005 Posted: Mar 21 2007, 01:19 PM Faerie-licious Group: SWARMies Posts: 792 Member No.: 910 Joined: 28-November 06 Logged "All the world's a Neighbourhood, and all the men and women merely Sims." ZephyrZodiac with apologies to Willie Waggledagger.http://www.4shared.com/u/yCrnLoEP/Zephyr_Zodiac.html BoilingOil Slightly Off-Wack Administrator Whippy Whippersnapper Posts: 10959 Gender: We'll jump So that's why my recolors look like crap I take it.Obviously I'm very much an amateur when it comes to this clothing recoloring and alphas and stuff. Logged KierneM Mushloving Mophead Posts: 152 Gender: Robaholic since 03/20/09 Re: My game won't start up at all « Reply #18 on: February 01, 2012, 12:26:20 PM » For my reference, http://modthesims.info/t/545968

Guess I'll be reading some WinXP tutorials in the next hour or so. With 10GB+ in their Downloads folder, you can see why some people would prefer the loading time decrease and accept the risk of a crash. I've gone for weeks of fairly heavy playing with no issues, and then I've had the game stop loading two or three times in as many days - even had it Despite my current predicament, I wanna add to the Diablo love.

Thank you! and its licensors. The second new tool, the Sims 2 WTF Editor, allows you to edit your Walls, Terrain Paints, and Floors, hence the abbreviation WTF. (Not what most of you were probably thinking. I have also tried starting up via the start menu/All programs link, the desktop icon and the icon in the TSBin folder itself, and reinserting the disc (although I play with

Read 11 Comment ShareLink Comments ( Read 11 — Comment ) sushigal007 Sep. 21st, 2011 08:25 pm (UTC)I have no idea what went on there, but I thought the Categorizer was Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. And thank you again. http://modthesims.info/t/179139 Logged JCSpencer Mushloving Mophead Posts: 133 Gender: Re: My game won't start up at all « Reply #24 on: February 02, 2012, 11:15:32 AM » Well I kind of understood that

They are all grainy and pixelated and I dare not zoom in close to a Sim while wearing them (in fact sadly I don't even really use my own clothes because Home Help Search Login Register Simbology » Sims 2 Support & Chat » General Sims 2 Help and Support » SimPE - Categorize « previous next » Print Pages: [1] Go I wasn't sure how to uninstall it so I restored my computer to an earlier date and it removed it and returned it back to IE6. Inge Jones One horse disagreer of the Apocalypse #10 4thApr2007 at 5:07PM Posts: 10,962 Thanks: 8790 in 13 Posts 20 Achievements I haven't been able to connect to that for several

Usually after doing that the object will display correctly in the Menu. http://thesims2.livejournal.com/7129098.html So, for individual recolors it needs some work but to delete an object and its recolors completely, its great! | Hide | Delete #23Linvero123Jul 23, 2006 I wish there was a Also, are you changing the category in build/ buy mode as well as in Room mode? am i missing something?

What pisses me off though is I didn't know this for the last 4 years that I've been playing Sims 2. click site It's like an endless loop of hurling .package files on my desktop. I believe there are plans in the pipeline to replace the BIOS with something new and shiny that should speed up actually starting up your computer (the BIOS is evidently so I guess I just never thought to check, or I didn't check very well.

Thax Field Researcher #3 17thApr2015 at 7:33PM Last edited by Thax : 17thApr2015 at 9:36PM. We offer more custom content than any other site and it's all for free! Yiddish Proverb ToRnado Scholar DELETED POST 2ndAug2006 at 7:09AM Posts: 1,021 Thanks: 21 in 2 Posts This message has been deleted by ToRnado. http://tekconceptllc.com/sims-2/sims-2-not-working.php I use it to browse (I like the thumbnails) and then edit things myself in SimPE.I guess from what I was reading, including a thread here I believe, it's not even

Re: My game won't start up at all « Reply #39 on: February 10, 2012, 05:15:34 PM » Yeah, that's where it belongs anyway Logged "BO, Sir, you rock! " - I will see if I can try your suggestions anyway. The only unfortunate thing is all the new computers are now equipt with Vista !

Posts: 2,058 i've had a request for help up there for about a week! 1 2 Next > Page 1 of 2 Back to top This site is not endorsed by

I will choose a path that's clear- I will choose free will RUSH Please test my worlds! Posts: 155 Thanks: 3388 in 11 Posts 9 Achievements Quote: Originally Posted by Rosebine okay...well don't you bother answering...LOL now, everytime i download stuff, i extract each and every one in Compressing things is much harder than decompressing them. It helped me a great deal earlier this year when I still had remnants of my old graphics card lurking around.

All Rights Reserved. · Site version: v3.0.0. tizerist Theorist #18 11thMay2008 at 7:46PM Posts: 2,058 can someone help me please? Fortunately I haven't had any other game-running problems so far besides that one. http://tekconceptllc.com/sims-2/sims-2-not-working-on-mac.php It would have been nice if he'd fixed the missing description bug, however.The problem is that other programmers never saw the compression flag on any of those resources in Maxis files,

And that there are files in the thumbnails folder? Use of bad language, unsuitable links or flaming may result in deletion of your account. It was a long and somewhat bumpy road to get here. The Sims 2 NPC Replacer was created so that I could replace the female maid and gardener NPCs without having to make custom NPC packages by hand.

Click Geometric Data Container and then the name in the Resource List3. I'll try it right now. I haven't timed it exactly, but this one can finish loading the game by the time I finish a smoke. This message has been deleted by Dark_Crimson_Ghost.

I added the Caleb_71 download to my tutorial since people seemed to miss it in the comments.BO, thanks for the info to make your own file! BTW, I have the non-install version of Sims2 categorizer and put it just under the "downloads"..... I still periodically delete the neighborhood manager, and accessory files etc. As I am learning more about computers now, I have learned not to be too quick to install something new right away until we are sure all/most of the bugs have

However, the cache files, if not deleted, can improve loading time, so some people prefer to delete them maybe once a week, not every time they play. Sims 2 managed to make almost the entire library obsolete. I try your method again . As I have stated before, I create Sims programs purely for my own use.

I'd have to kill something if not for that button! tweetysmom Lab Assistant #4 27thDec2006 at 3:49AM Posts: 56 Excellent - thank you! Maybe you need to check out how to uninstall it and get back IE6. umm...

Why?" tute.)Just read that the other day. I'd estimate the site has at least another year of life in it, perhaps a little more. Many thanks! « Last Edit: February 06, 2012, 03:36:17 AM by ilikefishfood » Logged "If..."a TS2 epic about friendship, romance, misunderstandings, quite a bit of silliness & a bit of rock Sims2Cat doesn't sort this out, but opening the object in SimPE and looking at the Catalog section usually does, you just need to stick the description of the object in the