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Simcity 4 Water Pump Not Working

Log in to post comments What if there is a river how Permalink Submitted by virnice on Apr 28, 2012 What if there is a river how do you get the Pumps placed in polluted areas will suffer from lower output and may shut down entirely. Someone else also said something about a drainage system, that would be awesome aswell. Sign In Sign Up   Home Back   Home Calendar   Back All Calendars Weekly Challenge Extended Challenge Monthly Challenge Content Challenge Voting Period News Back See All News News Guidelines Features Back See http://tekconceptllc.com/simcity-4/simcity-4-large-water-pump-not-working.php

Rep: 143Registered: Sep 2008From French PolynesiaPosted August 26, 20142 andi1981: It's been over ten years i last played this game, i don't see what i'm doing wrong. andi1981 andi1981 Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Please, try again later. Water Treatment Plant[edit] Water Treatment Plant Construction Cost §15,000 Capacity 2,400 cu m Maintenance Cost §350 / month Capacity Cost N/A Requirements: none The purpose of the water treatment plant is http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/47353-sim-city-4-deluxe-water-problem/

But I hope they still keep the possibility to lay down pipes the old way. Sign in here. and yes their is a lake so it does have a source. Water From SC4 Encyclopaedia Jump to: navigation, search Water is as ubiquitous in SimCity 4 as it is in the real world, and may refer to several different "types" of water.

Will the industrial buildings not require water? Water should flow :) If not, re-download and/or re-install the game, because then something's definetly broken with the game files. Try dragging pipes directly onto the water source. This way, while a house may use one hundred gallons per day, a big factory could use a whole lot more.

But I must ask, does this mean the water pipes used in SimCity 4 will not be used in SimCity? the way a tower works in real life is the water gets pumped up and the water pressure from the height pushes it to all the homes. It can be supplied by a water pump or water tower and transported by using water pipes. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/663025-simcity/65679361 A landfill won't be used unless it's accessible by road.

If there is no water supplied to a building that requires it, it will display the water zot. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Check the pollution for the area that your pump is in and, if it's polluted, then move it to someplace that isn't polluted. #1 Pillowtap View Profile View Posts 31 Jul, So make sure you have a road connection from your landfill to the rest of your town.

Country Selector Country Selector United States Australia Ceska Republika Danmark Finland France Deutschland Hong Kong Hungary India Italia Japan Nederland New Zealand Norge Polska Russia Singapore South Africa South Korea Espana http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/63801/whats-the-optimal-placement-for-water-pumps The output of water pumps (and towers) are fixed, and are affected only by budget and pollution –Private Pansy Dec 17 '14 at 12:27 While I have no issue For example buslanes (busroute planner maybe even), trucklanes, no-bus lanes, no-truck lanes etc. You can't chat with this user due to their or your privacy settings.

If your water pump doesn't have a power zot but still isn't working, then hover over the building with the Query tool. More about the author Darvond Darvond Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Part of group. I would like to see the ability to lay pipes if one desires.

You can't invite this user because you have blocked him. By doing so, cities can sell water to neighbouring cities, or buy it so they don't have to manage water structures themselves. Since these water spouts destroy nearby buildings and can spread throughout your pipe network, you should take care of this crisis, either by increasing funding to at least 100% or by http://tekconceptllc.com/simcity-4/simcity-4-water-pumps-not-working.php I'm not sure if it is because I have no water at this time or not.

Like power plants, water structures will deteriorate with age, and will need to be replaced regularly. Comment buried. up vote 10 down vote favorite In what was undoubtedly an act of poor judgement, I recently elected reinstalled Sim City 4.

If there's ANY pollution (not meaning it has to be red, but just the slightest yellow) anywhere near your water source, it will shut down.

I can finally build a city with working water pipes. Strange, but at least i can play now. Dirty industries can pollute the water, which degrades water pump performance, and eventually stops the water pumps and towers from functioning. Comment buried.

For one, the old method is not as realistic as this new method and it seems like they're mirroring this game on as many real-life aspects as possible. All Activity Home Forums SimCity 4 Players Forum SimCity 4 General Discussion Sim City 4 Deluxe water problem? If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here. news All forming a nice rectangle with roads 15x34 in size.

I mean they should add things. Thanks much. #3 < > Showing 1-3 of 3 comments Per page: 15 30 50 SimCity 4 Deluxe > General Discussions > Topic Details Date Posted: 30 Jul, 2015 @ 9:28pmPosts: Even when in a square that has power. Please, try again later.

Log in to post comments The water towers should also Permalink Submitted by almondgarfield on Apr 22, 2012 The water towers should also take elevation into account. If you wish to be unblocked, you must agree that you will take immediate steps to rectify this issue. is anyone else having this problem? Rep: 1Registered: Jul 2011From GermanyPosted August 26, 20141 Hi, like the title says: i tried building three different cities but the pipes don't carry the water from the pump to the

Once I got things figured out I want to make my actual city. City planning should all be in the details if you ask me. Unlike the real world, all natural water in the game exists at sea level. How can you link heavy manufacturing-style cities while at the same time having to keep your sims healthy?

View wishlist Start conversation Invite to friends Invite to friends Accept invitation Accept invitation Pending invitation... As an aside, only commercial and residential zones suffer from a lack of water supply. This is less of an issue than water towers because the distance the pumps effect is mitigated by piping. (Just remember to provide them with power.) As stated in my comment, Connecting industrial zones and power plants with water pipes only reduce their likelihood of catching fire, and is usually not considered 'worth' the additional water usage to connect.

I wouldn't put a power plant and water pump on a small tile together. And if you lower the funding for a specific power plant below 100%, that will also cause it to age faster.Why Are My Water Pumps Not Working?The 2 main causes for You dont do nothing wrong.