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Second Life Alpha Layer Not Working

Also, it you have shadows enabled, try disabling them too. I can use this workaround in case a fix isn't possible, but it obviously won't work when the alpha is not modifiable. Is there any way possible to fix this at Firestorm's end? I TP to another region and I come unglued? weblink

The whole upper body becomes invisible. With both "render alpha with/without light and shadow boxes" checked in low graphics settings the alpha doesn't function at all. My computer died, and now I'm using an older one that can't handle the higher graphics the other could, so I've turned them alldown.I was working on a pair of shoes, Report Inappropriate Content Message 3 of 6 (740 Views)   Reply DragonLady Merlin Honored Resident Posts: 28 Re: Alpha layers not working properly? https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Avatar/Alpha-layer-is-not-working/qaq-p/1930997

Search Blog (Enhanced) Search Archive Archive Select Month November 2016 (25) October 2016 (44) September 2016 (39) August 2016 (42) July 2016 (44) June 2016 (32) May 2016 (39) April 2016 Notify me of new posts by email. But when I did, the alpha shoe base disappeared, leaving my heel visible through the shoe.I can't figure out why it disappears as it should at lower graphics levels, but not So, you can see if things work for you and thus avoid needing to come up with a fix.

At login there is a lot going on. My thinking is that when I take my avatar out of the ‘interest list’ there is a chance it will come back wrong. Hide Permalink Chrystina Foxdale added a comment - 16/Feb/12, 10:57 PM +0100 Frankly, I don't think forcing an OS upgrade should be called 'resolved', especially when it seems that LL HAS Second Life™ is far too complex a system to be perfect.

The Alpha Mask is a channel that affects all the clothes layers; Skin, Shirt, etc. If your friend sees the alpha layer flashing after a few minutes, then there is a problem. I’ll also link to good tutorials. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

is there a knowen bug with this ? Otherwise, register and sign in. Answer Report Inappropriate Content (2,118 Views) Comments (0) 0 Kudos You must be a registered user to add a comment. Anytime i put any alpha layer half m body goes missing!

But, the glitch pants idea has problems when we have patterns in our clothes. Notify me of new posts by email. Not the least of is which to choose either the GIMP/Photoshop or Blender process. Granted, I am a perfectionist and most people will just not see or care about those small technical flaw.

If I clear the texture cache again, everything will behave normally until my next relog, but any relog without a texture cache clear will result in the issue recurring. have a peek at these guys That does not happen on any other. I normally set up my alpha or Slink settings when I dress. That directions thing isn’t a viewer or lag thing.

There is nothing magic or special in the way of software that you need, beyond the basic GIMP (free) or Photoshop (PS) (expensive). When viewed by someone on an unaffected non-Shining, non-OGL viewer, the other person sees my avatar the way I do. You can’t change the order of the folders; Jacket – which is on top of: Shirt – which is on top of: Undershirt – which is on top of Skin stay check over here she tried everything : rebake , change to new phoenix viewer , manually clean cache ...

Self interest & greed are the roots of evil.The gift of Jah is eternal life. - Romans 6:23Equal Rights and Justice, these are not just words but great and noble conceptions. Thats why you still see so many newbies and people without a shopping budget who run around with shoes that have their feet sticking out. The New A couple of problems are new to me.

All of these behaviors can be observed with items straight from the Library.

The guy and me in the picture are examples of this problem (1, 2, & 3). But Alpha Layers are made of five parts; Lower Alpha, Upper Alpha, Head Alpha, Eye Alpha, and Hair Alpha. Another solution is to wear ‘glitch layers.’ Just as we have glitch pants for system skirts, glitch clothes can be used with Fitted and Plain mesh clothes. Report Inappropriate Content (1,925 Views) Comments (0) Permalink 0 Kudos You must be a registered user to add a comment.

The issue is most noticeable with alpha masks, but it has sporadic effects with other types of clothing, such as shoe bases and jacket layers. I like the Chip Midnight templates. Inventory cache can remain full (thank goodness), but texture cache needs to stay empty for normal viewer functioning, which of course defeats the purpose of having a cache and is unacceptable this content Shoe bases that use blank textures instead of transparent textures bake white.

The whole upper body becomes invisible. You can add shirts and rearrange their order. If this is the case, then Firestorm will automatically pick up those changes too on the next merge up to the V3 codebase. with no foot shadows selected the alpha layer was clean.

Here's what I've been able to figure out: 1. Is there some setting I can change to eliminate this problem?You say they work fine with Phoenix and Firestorm but you didn't mention which version the SL viewer you are using. Post navigation ← OpenSim: Kitely’s Market Place Second Look Second Life News 2014-13 #2 → One thought on “The Problem: Fitted Mesh an Alpha Tutorial” Marcus says: 2014/03/29 at 3:08 AM Firestorm 3.2.2 (24336) Nov 27 2011 16:12:10 (Firestorm-Release) Release Notes You are at 242244.0, 264367.0, 26.8 in Husky Isle located at sim8081.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC KT Release Notes CPU: